January 9, 2014

Turtle Trot 2014 - My First finish!

Already in time for January 10, I have one finish done! Because I got to it so quickly, I added another one to my 10. Here is the Blackwork Rose finish.

Here is the progress I have been making on the  Ink Circles Damask Square, I have decided to do a grey/antique blue blended color with a heavier border color (#931, #932) on white instead of the brown/DMC #4150 as directed. Variety of reasons, mostly because I need to use up some fabric, and it will look better when I have three or four of them together. We will se, I might regret it... 

January 8, 2014

Working on it already...

I started working on my Turtle Trot while the inspiration is within me, and I managed to get a significant amount done on the Blackwork Rose. Here is my update:

In the meantime, I realized I have no fabric the correct size to fulfill Scarlet Ribbands, so I have withdrawn that one out of my Turtle Trot. In its place, I have brought in two Ink Circles patterns, one of them is the Damask Square and the other is  Rosetta which will be a similar challenge to Scarlet Ribbands.

January 4, 2014

2014 Turtle Trot is READY

Join  BAP Attack's 2014 Turtle Trot here

Dear God, I didn't get as far as I wanted to during 2013!

Paris Market - Dimensions Gold Collection 
(= Confetti stitching) shockingly still WIP

Here is the November 4th progress:

China Blue - Permin of Copenhagen - still WIP

Here is the Nov 10th progress:

This is a complicated full stitch pattern based in this original wallpaper William Morris Roses, the stitching pattern actually starts half way down in the diagram. The pattern is out of print - still WIP 

Here is the June 11th progress:

Teddy Bears Tree Skirt - Still WIP

 Here is the April 13th progress:

Madre Terra (doing this in Purple variations)- Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks - still WIP

Here is the Dec 24th progress:

Panda Pals - Brittercup Designs  (added a second adult Panda on the other side of the baby- WIP

Here is the June 16th progress:

Here is the Rovaris R-106 I haven't even cracked the package yet
Stoney Creek Rose, going to stitch it on to a pre-made pillowcase with waste
Scarlet Ribbands - Long Dog Samplers

Blackwork Rose - I don't know who the author is, if anyone knows, please comment so I may cite the designer.

January 1, 2014

January 1 2014 Happy New Year!!

As I set out tremendous stitching goals in 2013, I think I will be a tad more conservative with my goals. I have decided to set up a list of 14 projects, some carried over from 2013 Stitch a Longs. I have edited my pages to reflect the ones I will remove, and which ones I have bumped up the list. I have also made a point of selling off some patterns at the end of last year to make room for some new smaller less time consuming patterns. at the end of the day, I have figured out I have about 7 years of patterns in my possession, and I think, for the time being, I will see what I can accomplish this year before I continue to take a whole bunch more on. Here is one of the patterns I will be commencing in January:
It is a pattern by Rovaris called R-106, an Italian Pattern.