March 25, 2013

Honestly! I am not cheating!

When I set out for my 2013 Resolutions, I picked 13 projects to SAL with the lovely community at BAP Attack. I chose small ones, half finished ones, pretty ones, ugly ones, and very complicated confetti pieces that will take me forever. 

I have to say I have another finish (2/13). See the Turtle Trot page for the finish date. I also want to say I am working on the remaining 11 projects this month as well. I am committing to stitching at least one row on each project, and taking out the old highlighters, and seeing my true progress. 

Honestly! I am not cheating! Just because I have finished the two smallest projects first doesn't mean anything.  Honestly I am progressing on all of them! I just need to declare some evidence that there is other work being done...

Here is what I was working on yesterday:

I promise to have a post for each of the remaining ten by the 13th of April, BAP Attack deadline. Happy Stitching!!!

March 19, 2013

Focus on the best

I have a friend and colleague who is going through a tough time. She is facing some health issues so I thought I would snatch up this pattern, which was on Stitch the Night Away, which was shared via Pinterest, and whip it up for my dear friend. She says she has a whole pile of UFOs so when the things are going bad, she can take some time and be focused on something other than her health.

Here it is for all of my stitching friends to enjoy. DMC 550.

March 18, 2013

Shoes (In my mind)

In my mind, this is what I feel like I wear everyday. Beautiful Nine West numbers. In my mind I am glamorous, sassy, sleek, with an everlasting cheeky pedicure. In my mind I am also in a corner office with an assistant who is fetching me coffee and taking care of all of my non-work business.

Due to overwhelming demand of my bank account, and lack of time, this is a closer representation to what is actually on my feet everyday. I live in a climate with  snow covered prairie 6 months of the year, and my pedicures get done every oh let's say 4 months, and other than the first three weeks, they look like crap.

 In my mind, my daughter wears something like this every day....

but in actuality she ends up looking like this whether we try or not.

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March 17, 2013

Reorganized my Turtle Trot Stitch A Long (SAL)

I finally reorganized my Turtle Trot projects into one stitching bag yesterday. This was in the name of not getting sidetracked by other projects that are not on my Original 13 I set out in January. Seeing as I have one finished, I only have 12 left.

This is the French Country Strawberry by JBW Designs, I changed up the colors. Instead of three green colors for the leaves and stem, I used variegated thread, and instead of two pinks, I went with DMC 777 Very Dark Raspberry. (I know, Ironic)

My goal was to get this one done by March 20 so I could finish up my remaining 12 in time for year end, I missed a February finish by the BAP Attack deadline.

I took on some very aggressive UFO goals for 2013, so I have to work on the big then little projects to keep them fresh.

March 14, 2013

Turtle Trot - Day late and a dollar short

Made some progress on my paisley pillowcases, and some other progress on a few of my projects but got sidelined....

Somehow, I didn't use my system. I kept the wrong WIPs in my stitching bag, and ignored my 12 projects remainder list that is top right on my blog. How could I have gone so wrong?

Let me tell you how, I just have too many WIPs to keep track of. I am going to be better from March 14-April 13 2013. It will happen.

I also started a new cheery pattern for one of my buddies who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and is undergoing chemo treatment. She is in her mid 40s and we are all pulling for her and her family.

March 3, 2013

This weekend I thought I would try to break out of my stitching slump. 

I am trying to figure out a plan, but I am determined to work on my Turtle Trot 2013 so that is where I will start. I have 12 projects left to do out of a pre-selected 13, and was hoping to have one completion prior to March 13. I dug this stamped pattern out of my pile, I have a recipient in mind for this project and have been meaning to finish it forever so this is where I will start.

There are a total of 8 paisleys, a pile of detailed satin stitches, and because this is a cotton blend, I have to use a hoop. The upside is, I always loved these colors. I use these colors at every opportunity. I will focus on a completion and make sure I just keep at it. I tell myself just keep going.  I will reward myself with a little JBW design strawberry after this one... so far these are the two  full paislies I have done this weekend.