May 21, 2015

Making My Way through

So after I fixed the mistake, I continued on with the rest of the hearts and I will finish my niece's last name. This one is long in the works - mostly because of my day job, but she will be one in July so I think she won;t know how long she was without it. 

I miss stitching I look at all of my WIPs and all of my thread around the house and think I invested all of this money I have spent. I should be doing something more productive with all of these raw materials and making things work. I have to renew my e-commerce pages because I have let them lapse, and I have to update my website, and on and on and on. But in the short term, I will be content with finishing this sampler before my trip to Montreal in July.

Off to do some stitching now!

May 19, 2015

Binge Working

I have been stitching very little. My company was terribly busy for many months and I'm just getting stabilized. Weeks and months of overtime to get my family on track financially has paid off, and I'm looking at what I love most coming back into focus. My little girl is growing up, my house is getting too small for our hobbies and lifestyle, but now we can afford to spread our wings a bit and fly. 

Here is a mistake I made on a baby sampler I'm stitching for my niece who I will be visiting on her first birthday in Montreal. Looking forward to the summer and all it's potential stitching time.