April 11, 2014

She's Baaaaackkk

I haven't posted in a really long time. Lucky for me the blog keeps track of it for me...

My 94 year old Grandmother became quite ill and for the last number of months, and I have been out of my stitching habits. Many long nights and hard days, but she is getting the care she needs and is stable now. It has brought our family from four corners to come together and make the best decisions, and it is nice that we are on track.

Have been working on this teeny sampler for my husband's desk at work, and it is in variegated reds and pinks so it will stand out in a bunch of white cubicles and computers.

Now that I have a ton of more time to devote to this, I will be stitching my wips like they are going out of style... My turtle trot pieces will come first.