UFO Projects 49 projects including photos

My Bonus UFO List

Love Heart - Bothy Threads

Bergamot - StitchbyRachel 

Stitch by Rachel Pillowcase Monograms
Stitch by Rachel Bamboo Handkerchief - E Monogram and Roses
Stitch by Rachel Bamboo Handkerchief - E Monogram and Coronet
Stitch by Rachel Bamboo Handkerchief - E Monogram and Sword
RMM Sampler (confidential - gift Aqua Mermaid colors)
KCE Sampler (confidential - gift Navy Boys)
KCE's sibling (confidential - gift)
AHP Sampler (confidential - gift pink/corals)
HHB Sampler (confidential - reds matches Imogen's)
AWray(confidential - (purples like Elizabeth's)
Meek Shall Inherit the Earth but Not its Mineral Rights

Opus II - Long Dog Samplers

Scarlet Ribbands - Long Dog Samplers

Museum Celle Sampler 1826 - Permin of Copenhagen

Olde Quaker Flowers - The Sweetheart Tree

Tiny Thistle - The Sweetheart Tree

Deepest Love Turquoise Graphics & Designs

French Country Lamb

French Country Mitten

French Country Xmas Tree

French Country Horse

Esc Key

Golden Buddha

French Country Sweet Bouquet

Floral Sticks Pillowcase

Clifftop Poppies

JBW Tis the Season

Red Stocking Collection I

Cardinal Christmas Bell

Coffee Cup

Wedding Rings

Sweet Moon

Redwork Heart

7 Blackwork Henry VIII and Wives (this is not my finish)

Redwork Garden

Ink Circles Nashville 2009

Albero dell'affetto

DMC Basket of Lavender

Garden of Eden

Triple Heart 

Tulip Trio

Fruits of Spain Blackwork

Hilltop House Stitching

Rose Window Stained Glass

Mexican Pillow Squares

Snowmen Tree Skirt

Bows and Horns 

Skater's Village (Confetti)

Bucilla Celestial Moon

AAN Wedding Cake/Sucre Skull