Some of my work in progress

Paris Market - Dimensions Gold Collection 
(= Confetti stitching) shockingly still WIP

Here is the May 15th, 2014 progress:

China Blue - Permin of Copenhagen - still WIP

Here is the Nov 10th, 2014 progress:

This is a complicated full stitch pattern based in this original wallpaper William Morris Roses, the stitching pattern actually starts half way down in the diagram. The pattern is out of print - still WIP 

Here is the June 11th, 2014 progress:

Teddy Bears Tree Skirt - Still WIP

 Here is the April 13th, 2014 progress:

Madre Terra (doing this in Purple variations)- Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks - still WIP

Here is the Dec 24, 2014 progress:

Panda Pals - Brittercup Designs  (added a second adult Panda on the other side of the baby- WIP

Here is the June 16, 2014 progress:

Here is the Rovaris R-106 I haven't even cracked the package yet
Stoney Creek Rose, going to stitch it on to a pre-made pillowcase with waste
Ink Circles M13 Damask Square

Here is my May 10th, 2014 progress, I am using two tones of blue grey:

Ink Circles S24 Rosetta

Blackwork Rose - I don't know who the author is, if anyone knows, please comment so I may cite the designer.

Here is my January 8, 2014 finish!


Gillian said...

Madre Terra looks stunning! Keep going, your progress on all of these is inspiring!

Preeti said...

They are all so pretty and big projects !! Wish you all the best!!:)

lenna said...

Your stitching is amazing and I think you got a lot done for the year. I am impressed. Keep it up and I will look back and see your progress.
God Bless ~