December 10, 2012

UFOs Day 61

So the work ornaments have CONSUMED me. I only did 8 but I had sewing machine malfunctions (end user problem), I had ribbon disasters and mostly free time at night after perfect toddler retired for the night.

I think I can say, with god's honest truth, that I am grateful for my job and I am expressing this gratitude in any way I know how. Thus it results in stitching. I know you have seen these as works in progress but I am going to present all 8 pieces when they are finished on one gallery with their ribbon accompaniment.

As far as Christmas stitching goes, I had an idea to do up a stocking for aforementioned perfect toddler but of course I bit off more than I could chew.  As I have finished only 1 UFO to date, and finished stitching 7 out of the 8 ornaments that side tracked me, I cant say I have a huge sense of completion yet. The original stitching stash is still organized, I am still inspired and I am working diligently everyday. I will take some time over the Xmas break to visit my LNS (local needlework store) which is a good hour drive away, and check in to see what is new in the way of classes or organized stitch alongs for 2013.

I think I will provide a picture of perfect toddler wearing her handmade seasonal reindeer headgear made from the shape of her hands in the meantime to hold us all over until the gallery is done.

This next few days will be great I just know it! Now go out there and make a difference!

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