August 28, 2013

My Wednesday Work in Progresessssssss

Well as I have several things on the brain, I should highlight the three works in progress I am currently fixated upon:

1) You can't publish a design, and sell it, if you can't stitch it first yourself. Or shouldn't. Or so I decided. After the fact. I think its a great way to find (what I would call) design flaws. This is the Wildflowers WIP... you can purchase the pattern for a mere $8.50 CAD at StitchbyRachel Shop link above. Where I can email to you a PDF, PDQ!!!

2) When you have kids you have to prioritize!! I have to prioritize my #toomanywips projects which are featured on my Turtle Trot 2013 List. This SAL, which will be coming to a close in approximately 137 days, has been motivating me to keep my priorities straight. Here is one of the unfinished from the list I can't put down:

3) Officially I have been designing for about a month. In my mind, I have been designing for about a year. It is gushing forth from me. I could just sit at my software and spew forth pattern after pattern. I have full blown carpal tunnel happening because I am spending so much time stitching or designing on my laptop. You should see my laundry piles! They are taking over the house. I am just so focused. Coming Soon: Thistle.

I need sleep badly. Less than 10 hours in the last 48. Too much work makes Jack a dull boy. And this time it is too much.... Ah to be able to quit my day job....

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