May 16, 2014

Time to catch up

Amongst 3 weekly visits to my Grammy (94 years old - in long term care), looking for a contract job to pay the bills, going to medical appointments to repair an old foot injury from skating, nursing a feverish toddler, and building 3 businesses, it is a surprise I have no time to post....

Lately due to being forced up off my foot, I have been doing a fair amount of stitching in the last couple of weeks, and here is a summary of where I am at:

This is an embroidery I am doing from scratch, I sketched it out by hand in watercolor markers, and I began it by coincidence when my Grammy went into hospital on January 19th. She has a long watercolor career, and I was inspired by a black and white photo of a flower, and all the memories of her beautiful paintings.

This is a Kincavel Krosses pattern I am doing for my husband's desk at work. Its in red and pink variegated threads. Its tricky to do it so the adjacent threads look congruent.

Here is the May 10th update for Gold Collection Paris Market, I am working on the florals in the bottom, several greens as I got tired of doing several greys for the buildings, shadows, windows

Here is Ink Circles I am doing it in two tones of blue grey.

And if that wasn't enough work? I bought this project in November but it was back ordered until April when I got it in the mail. Its Bothy Threads Love Heart, and I have seen it on quite a few blogs and message boards lately, a very popular pattern and I am not sure how I am going to like the backstitching

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