November 4, 2012

Baby Girl & Organization UFO:Day 25

I find the only reasonable distraction from my stitching is my lovely little girl. My Baby Girl is too small to coexist properly with my stitching, so I find a tricky balance ensues. Mostly I stitch when she is asleep, but occasionally I can break it out when she is toddling around the house.

Today in the spirit of protecting my projects from her and vice-versa, I have my stitching categorized in Ziploc bags for every project that I have unfinished. In each bag I have the 1) fabric project 2) the pattern 3) sometimes the hoop and 4) the thread.

I always leave my magnet with my needles and scissors separate.

Mostly the projects storage can be standardized, but the threads are always the tricky bit.Sometimes on the projects, the thread can't be easily managed on a thread sorter. On the larger more complicated projects, I use Floss-Away rings with the baggies. If it is more convenient, sometimes DMC threads compactly intact in their original skeins, sometimes I have them on a DMC Floss Bobbins.

This is how I do it: