November 8, 2012

UFOs Day 29 of 80 days

Soon I will be contributing as a guest blogger for a site called Stitching The Night Away: see if I come up with anything interesting that you would like to discuss.....

Day 29 UFO
Here are the reasons I decided to get organized and finish some, any or most of the 80 pieces I have "on the go". I have marked them in a spreadsheet in Excel on my computer, and I am tracking their progress by photo. What would be your reasons for getting organized?

1) Don't want to spend money on a duplicate pattern - I have invested  tons and tons of money into magazines, books, photocopies, internet patterns, Etsy patterns, and grid paper.

2) I have limited square footage. I am an inner city urban dweller who doesn't have a basement, lives with a husband and toddler, so I have to keep my stash down to a dull roar.

3) Keeping track of lumps or tubes of fabric swatches and lengths takes up space and I want to make sure I don't have 700 yards of white 14 Count white Aida when I need an 8x10" swatch of  aubergine linen.

4) The people I live with don't want to damage my hard work. My husband would see piles of stitching and fabrics etc and worry about knocking them over or spilling coffee on it.

5) Most of all for myself. Just so I can show a sense of accomplishment. I tend to bore easily - thus the reason I have 80 pieces on the go. The oldest dates back to about 2007 - time to get it sorted out and finished.