January 3, 2013

It took me three days, but I finally have some resolutions

Ok I have gone through the STNA Blog Hop#14 and I have come away with 3 more blogs I will follow, and  two more people I have emailed directly and I have made three stitching resolutions:

(1) That I will stitch a variety of subjects to send to a charity that turns cross stitched squares into quilts for the elderly and children (at a specific Ronald McDonald house) who need some love. I think I will have it coincide with (2) & (3) for http://worldofcharitystitching.blogspot.com/

(2) I have joined an ornament pattern club for 2103 so I have to stitch 12 ornaments which may overlap with resolution (1) stitchingthenightaway.com

(3) I have decided to follow BAP Attack's 2013 Turtle Trot, in which I have to take pictures of 13 of my unfinished pieces and see the progress every month on the 13th, for the remainder of the year.

After that I still have my show on Feb 9th to consider...out of my mind... I know Here are my 13...

DMC released a limited edition color today on facebook. Its #127 and its variegated....

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