February 21, 2013

Next Blog Hop - Needles and Pins

I think of all the needles I've lost.... maybe two. I have always used a nearby cushion or a magnet.

The reason behind that started with the first two I lost. One was the ever present, down the cushion of the couch but I was afraid to go get it... but the second one landed straight up in my beige carpet. Unluckily, my then 8 year old Shih Tzu Mabel stepped on it and went fairly deep into her paw and she really hurt herself. My husband never let me live it down.  It required vet removal which cost me tons of dollars so I decided that was it, I wasn't going to lay them down anymore while not in use.

I was redecorating my bedroom in 2009, I actually bought a fabric lounger that I can stick my needles into the armrest when I need a quick thread cut or something like that.

I was at my trade show last week and there was a three year old boy named Rain, very interested in my hoops, needles, different things and getting all up my stash of stuff. I had a red needle cushion of Chinese descent and he was like a moth to a flame. The pretty satin color and the "dolls" around the edge. Anyway, he reached for one of the needles and I took it out and gently pricked him on his finger so that he could see that it was sharp and learn to be careful. He of course screeched and ran away never to touch my things again. Alls well that ends well.

I find I wear my needles out. I have actually broken two needles and the eyes have given out on two others. The needles that I buy are very good quality but I just seem to be hard on my equipment I guess.

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bonnie said...

ouch poor little guy!!!