March 3, 2013

This weekend I thought I would try to break out of my stitching slump. 

I am trying to figure out a plan, but I am determined to work on my Turtle Trot 2013 so that is where I will start. I have 12 projects left to do out of a pre-selected 13, and was hoping to have one completion prior to March 13. I dug this stamped pattern out of my pile, I have a recipient in mind for this project and have been meaning to finish it forever so this is where I will start.

There are a total of 8 paisleys, a pile of detailed satin stitches, and because this is a cotton blend, I have to use a hoop. The upside is, I always loved these colors. I use these colors at every opportunity. I will focus on a completion and make sure I just keep at it. I tell myself just keep going.  I will reward myself with a little JBW design strawberry after this one... so far these are the two  full paislies I have done this weekend.


Angela Cruz-Garcia said...

Very nice stitching. Love the colors.

tiffstitch said...

Very cool project! I hope you managed to get a lot done. :)