April 23, 2013

Paris Market Progress - and other UFO status

Working diligently on my stitching virtually everyday. This is because I am trying to have a sense of accomplishment because it doesn't feel like I'm getting anywhere in other realms of my life. If I just keep pushing forward I will get through this bottleneck in my life, and things will be much much smoother. I was feeling like going into Hermit Mode and stitching, but last weekend and next weekend are booked solid. We are going to a local Comic Expo as a family on Friday the 26th through to the 28th, and I will have some fun pictures of DD to show off on Monday.

Here is my upside down progress as of April 22:

You can follow my long term progress on The Stitchers Village UFO group, or on my Facebook page, facebook.com/stitchbyrachel

This is what the finished piece will look like:

Have done some template work on the Panda Pals that was holding me up last month (adding a second adult panda), and I have sourced all but two thread colors for the 90 required for Flower Pot, and I am going to work on angelic Harmony tonight I think...

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