June 19, 2013


Say it with me people! Too many WIPs! (But its not a bad thing) Say it loud and proud stitchers!!!!

When you come across a stitcher that says they are only working on two or three WIPs you know they are "hiding" something. There is NEVER just two or three. When you delve in there is always a confession "I am only working on two or three but I have 95 others in my sewing room". That's right, just let it all out. We are here with you. A virtual army of stitching support groups that want to have it all out in the open.

The consensus among all stitchers of all races and locations are the sheer quantity of our WIPs. And we love and deserve them all!

Of the 9 Facebook cross stitching groups, the countless stitching blogs, and the two online communities I follow daily, there is two fundamental themes:

1) Everyone has too much stash to stitch and the continue to covet/purchase more and they want to know its OK to keep on buying.... 

2) They need encouragement or support to help them finish the ones that are taking too long or we have grown tired of...

There is a Facebook Cross Stitch SAL group that does a before/after post over weekends to show progress, there are at least two blogs I follow with competitions and prizes to complete the most stitches on a project, or the most projects stitched in the last 30 days or just participate monthly. I have found that there are so many groups that are supporting each other it is so fantastic!

There are paper patterns, free web patterns, magazine patterns, books from the library patterns, ONS patterns, LNS patterns, and now patterns for your iPad or Kindle. If I have left any out, make a point to comment...

I think we are as stitchers, without trying, trending on #toomanywips.

For those of you who are Twitter followers, you can follow me at @stitchbyrachel. I think we should all put on our Facebook/Twitter accounts #toomanywips and see just how many people suffer from the same condition!

Happy Stitching!

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