July 5, 2013

Flood Rescue 2013 - Been to preoccupied to post

Firstly, let me say we are all safe and healthy. Below are pictures from a flood that started on June 19th in my neighborhood. My family was affected, and just three homes in my immediate family are looking at upwards of $250,000 damage in total. Most of which is not insurable under non existent flood coverage in Canada. The rain started on June 19, and here we are on July 5 and I just had my insurance appraisal this morning. I live about 3 miles from Calgary Stampede Grounds which were deeply affected. It was cleaned up, and the Stampede started last night. They started a campaign (which was inspired by our Mayor's comments) and are selling T-Shirts for the flood victims. Which I think it hilarious way to look at it.... Will get back to my stitching posts soon....

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