July 18, 2013

How am I staying focused? #toomanywips

Before we embark on another International Hermit Stitching Weekend (July 19-21st), you will probably recognize these 5 projects. 
I am just trying to power through some details. Leaving pictures up of the finished projects in my office motivates me to go home and work on them. When I am spacing out at work, I just look up, mentally take stock of what challenges I have left on each of them, and know exactly where I will start when I get home. Typically I commute, have dinner with the family, and while toddler plays with her toys, I pull out my stitching. When she goes to bed, I'll give it a further go. The last few weeks have disrupted my routine drastically, so I have to get the groove back. I was so busy this week I missed a deadline for pictures of the Turtle Trot, so I will just get the next round. If you have any ideas on how to motivate oneself through too many WIPs, I would love to hear about it~!

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