October 9, 2012

Unfinished Objects Oktoberfest - 80 days to organized

Today I am going to take stock of my stitching life... even though we should probably leave our livestock alone.

Taking Stock of my stitching stash. I am going to catalogue my unfinished projects. Like most stitchers, I accumulate. We are crafting hoarders of a sort. 

This is becoming a problem because I have a toddler and her and I are competing for activity space. I have Tupperware containers full of projects, large Ziploc bags, projects still in the QSnaps, in towels, in envelopes, in drawers, I have counted, stamped, iron on, hand drawn personally designed patterns, everything, but the real treasures are in my stitching bags. 

Every so often I visit my sister in London, England. During those visit I make a point of visiting Harrod's. For two reasons, one because the area in London (Knightsbridge) is beautiful and ritzy, and secondly always for a new stitching bag which I find in the basement. Those are the laminated bags they sell to tourists for outrageous prices and they change the design frequently to reflect Harrods' history and elegance. It is a way for the plebs to get a shot at something brand named. They always remind me of tea and clotted cream. Which I think goes well with stitching. Alas I stash a lot in those bags. I think I have 4-6. Ill get the full count in my stash catalogue.

In following posts I will post photos of the stash bags.

As far as the actual stash is concerned, I think I will categorize them in the four following ways:

1) Work in progress (WIP)
2) Unfinished Objects (UFO)
3) Not Opened (NO)
4) What Was I Thinking? (WIT)

I am certain I will become overly ambitious and try to take a picture of each project and make a spreadsheet with color complexity, material availability, and estimated hours of completion but I know that is a long term goal to work toward. 

When I come up with recipients and or deadlines I will post my progress on those also... hopefully

I have recently seen a blog that had 365 days of stitching, and I want to see what I can accomplish in the next 80 days.