October 20, 2012

Unfinished Objects Oktoberfest Day 12

Ok so I have been diligently working on my lists bags, markers, materials etc etc. Here is the work in progress from my most urgent project, The Rooster Cat Commission:

This project will be completed on 11 x 17" 16 count white AIDA in DMC 414 Grey with three DMC variegated thread colors orange variant, blue variant, and a possible red variant. There are two distinctive blackwork patterns, and the font work. I am at the point where I am stalling out, getting side tracked, and procrastinating.

I have sharpened my stork scissors, organized my thread, bagged projects with floss, arranged & rearranged the 15 UFOs in order of priority, and rearranged storage.

I have been consumed by the designing process for the other million projects I have seem to be floating through my head which haven't been morphing into concrete projects but will eventually be completed.

Finding yet another stash of patterns, I revised my project list and get this; coincidentally we are slightly short of 80 projects. There is no way in my mind that I thought I had 80 pcs I could work on. And in no way had I thought I would 80 in 80 days. By my estimates I have over 350 hours of stitching and 15 UFOs (unfinished objects). Impossible to complete with a full time job and a toddler at home. Tomorrow I will be further cataloging by photo on this blog the top ten most urgent projects so I can set my goal and complete my UFOs in the next 68 days.....

Until next time.