October 12, 2012

UnFinished Oktoberfest, 1-2 skip a few 99-100

So I missed a day! So what?

I did do some evaluations and continued my stash list. According to my calculations, i have 55 patterns I can potentially complete without having to buy or download anything else. 14 of which are UFOs. Unfinished Objects are the scourge of my stitching basket(s).

I also figured out that with a reasonable time estimate that if I stitched everyday for 3 hours, I could easily stitch for 2+ years without buying another new pattern. I would have to refill on supplies, but not a new pattern. 

Being an avid stitcher and saving it for mostly when my baby girl is asleep, 3 hours a day is actually achievable. But I think I would get sick of stitching and its tricky to do on a transatlantic flight.

I will focus on these first 14, make sure I have the supplies and go forward. I will have a work in progress on Twitter @stitchybrachel and here on this blog.