March 25, 2013

Honestly! I am not cheating!

When I set out for my 2013 Resolutions, I picked 13 projects to SAL with the lovely community at BAP Attack. I chose small ones, half finished ones, pretty ones, ugly ones, and very complicated confetti pieces that will take me forever. 

I have to say I have another finish (2/13). See the Turtle Trot page for the finish date. I also want to say I am working on the remaining 11 projects this month as well. I am committing to stitching at least one row on each project, and taking out the old highlighters, and seeing my true progress. 

Honestly! I am not cheating! Just because I have finished the two smallest projects first doesn't mean anything.  Honestly I am progressing on all of them! I just need to declare some evidence that there is other work being done...

Here is what I was working on yesterday:

I promise to have a post for each of the remaining ten by the 13th of April, BAP Attack deadline. Happy Stitching!!!

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Claudette497 said...

It looks wonderful - I look forward to seeing your progress on everything else!