March 18, 2013

Shoes (In my mind)

In my mind, this is what I feel like I wear everyday. Beautiful Nine West numbers. In my mind I am glamorous, sassy, sleek, with an everlasting cheeky pedicure. In my mind I am also in a corner office with an assistant who is fetching me coffee and taking care of all of my non-work business.

Due to overwhelming demand of my bank account, and lack of time, this is a closer representation to what is actually on my feet everyday. I live in a climate with  snow covered prairie 6 months of the year, and my pedicures get done every oh let's say 4 months, and other than the first three weeks, they look like crap.

 In my mind, my daughter wears something like this every day....

but in actuality she ends up looking like this whether we try or not.

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