May 1, 2013

Frogging. UGH

While working away on a fairly intricate border, I decided I was going to fix something. I have an extreme amount of gold in this piece. Not particularly fond of gold, or shiny objects, I thought I would just do this one this time. I did one thread of gold blended with gold filament and it took me the better part of two hours to stitch it. I know with the sheer quantity of this gold filament required (they included a huge amount in the kit) I would never meet any of my ambitious stitching goals of 2013.  I decided to pick it out. then I started back on the two color red border After a good hour of making progress, I realized I was off by two squares. so this is what I had to pick out on top of the gold:

This is the picture of the work I got done on the border after the total of 2+ hours of frogging and two evenings of stitching:

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