May 13, 2013

New toys for my stash!

Even though my birthday was April 25th, I just received my last presents in the post last week, so I thought I would break into them, play with them a bit, before I shared my delight.

My longest and dearest friend Cathy sent me an Amazon gift card for my birthday by email. I would have never thought to send Amazon, but it makes sense, because you can purchase virtually anything on it. I don't think I have ever been emailed a gift before either so it was great!

I chose to grab these two lovely tools which I have been coveting/on the fence about for my stash:

They are an ergo magnetic line magnifier, for both charts or fabric, and Easy Count Guideline. I never thought I would purchase either of those items, but I have been doing much more complicated charts that are a bit harder on the eyes. I love the Guideline because its reusable. if you just cut one long strip and serpentine it through your pattern, you just pull it out when its done and doesn't leave any trace. Very easy to remove too, only really have to pull a little bit on the loose ends you leave and the whole piece will come out gently. I AM CONVERTED~~!

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