May 15, 2013

May 2013 IHSW Planning...

In preparation for my International Hermit Stitch Weekend, I am going to hole up and work on a whole pile of stuff that I have been procrastinating with tonight and Thursday. 

1) I am tasking yet another re-organization of my system, patterns, needles, etc. Get my current stuff into one central small area so my toddler isn't tempted by my toys

2) I am going to go purchase a pile of new sharps 

3) I am going to work on my Turtle trot pieces. I will be putting Easy Count Guideline on some projects that are in early stages

4) Foremost of all, I am planning a ridiculous amount of stitching. I am going to stitch on the chair, stitch in bed, stitch at the table, stitch everywhere. 

I have to finish a brushstroke butterfly for WOCS, and send it off - I am late with that one - I have a bespoke hydrangea handkerchief I am working on for a commission  - see the list at the top right of this page? Remaining Turtle Trot Projects? I am determined to get some SERIOUS time in this weekend, for me it is a SUPER LONG WEEKEND! Friday through Monday off work~~

Check in with you on Monday for my update and photos.

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